Sakura in Cincinnati

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5510 Rybolt Rd


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Monday 16:00 - 22:00

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Sushi, Japanese, Asian


Seating, Takeout, Wheelchair Accessible, Table Service, Reservations


Coffee, Kids' menu


Cozy, Casual


Good for kids, Cozy, Casual



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High chairs, Good for kids


Lunch, Dinner


Table service, Dessert

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Sushi restaurant, Restaurant, Seafood restaurant, Asian restaurant


Accepts reservations

Sakura, 5510 Rybolt Rd, Cincinnati



Visited 12/14/19 and I ordered a hibachi meal with the added share a dish. The waitress, Marie, took the order wrong and didn't give us any rice. My wife asked about it so then she added fried rice which is a 5.25 each addition instead if giving us the steamed rice that should have been part of our meal. The other couples at our grill looked at me and said they heard me order the share a meal with double rice so I know it was communicated correctly. Not very impressed and we have been going here annually for our anniversary as well as other times throughout the year. That will be changing.


I love this place very much. there is a very nice atmosphere. The kitcen is very tasty. the service is dynamic and the team is professional. The pay is honest. extremely recommend.


This restaurant is doubtless one of the most pleasant place to eat in the area. Every time I come there I am greatly pleased. They preserve their high level service and the highest level of food they offer. You definitely will enjoy this this place. Warmly recommended.


- As far a I have eaten Hibachi I have never been charged $5.25 extra for fried rice over steamed rice.- On top of that not being able to substitute vegetables for extra rice is unsatisfactory.- Even after accepting the fact that getting extra fried rice with no vegetables would be $10.50 on top of the meal I was not given the extra rice I asked for. - The over all lack of communication and enthusiasm from the chief left much to be desired. - Another in my party order a beer and was given the wrong one, not a big deal but still not great.- Slow service was also an issue. - Honestly most of this is an easy fix and not every thing was bad the food was good and the portions where good.


Food was grilled to perfection with fun and friendly staff that created a great atmosphere to enjoy our Valentine's Day Dinner! Highly recommend


We had a great experience at this place. We loved the first-rate atmosphere and the menu. The staff members were very amiable. Iā€™m content we finally decided to visit this spot.


Food was excellent and very fulfilling. You get what you ask for and you'll be satisfied. I recommend to anyone to go there and try it out for yourself.


last night was the first time we went to this good restaurant. But It is obviously not the last time. We had great time with the efficient service, with the high quality dishes and wine and with the decent pay. We will definitely return there again.


Loved the hibachi food! Sushi was also great! Our server and chef were amazing!! All in all a great night out